Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Make Your Business More Accessible Online

Many businesses have great websites, but customers find them difficult to access due to their frequent use of mobile devices. So many people use mobile devices now that it is very likely your business is suffering if your website is inaccessible from mobile devices. If you have a business website that looks great on a desktop or laptop computer, but not so great on a smartphone or tablet, it’s time to upgrade your website and make it more accessible for your users. This can seem difficult at first, but there are a couple of simple ways you can ease yourself into the process.


Consider Your Content

Whether you designed your business’s website yourself or you hired a professional to design it for you, you should periodically consider how efficiently you’re distributing information to your customers or clients. To take your website to the next level by making it mobile, you should first make sure that your original website is as clean and effective as possible. Are there sections on your website that you haven’t updated often enough? Are there pages of information that are no longer relevant? If so, get rid of them. To start your mobile website, it’s best to begin with the best possible version of your original webpage. Mobile websites can contain just as much information as regular websites, but it’s always a good idea to make your page as clean and un-cluttered as possible. This makes it easier for clients and customers to find the information they need, and it will make it much easier for you to import and transfer information from your original page to your new mobile website.


Going Mobile

When you’re ready to create a mobile website for your business, you can get some help by finding a website that allows you to build a website for free. There are resources online to help you create your mobile website and it may not even cost you a penny. Since you’ve already streamlined your original website, you can create a free mobile website by importing or copying the information that you carefully edited on your original business page. Once the information is on a mobile website, though, it will be much more accessible to your clients. If a customer wants to visit your business but is in his or her car using a smartphone, that potential customer will not be able to access all the information you’ve written without having to use a laptop or desktop computer. You’ve just made your business’s website accessible from anywhere, which will increase customer satisfaction and increase your business.


If you’ve considered launching a mobile website before, but have been hesitant to put in the work, know that it only takes a couple of steps, and little to no financial investment, to upgrade your business’s website from stationary to mobile. Your current customers will appreciate the convenience and you’ll find that new customers begin to patronize your business due to the accessibility of your website on mobile devices.

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