Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sharing Music via File Sharing- What You Need To Know

File sharing has long been used to allow people to access music. In some cases they pay for it and in some cases in the past they didn’t. Being able to share music via file sharing has made quite an impact on the music industry. Unfortunately the impact has mainly been negative. Here are some things you need to know when it comes to sharing music via file sharing.



Music Labels Secretly Use

As far back as 2004, the same music labels crying over people downloading their music through file sharing have actually been using this file sharing to their advantage. Though file sharing has been the subject of a great deal of controversy due to the way in which it helps people steal music, music labels have to admit that the data they gain through music file sharing is valuable to them. The music labels have been using file sharing data to determine the artists and songs that people are showing an interest in. This allows them to easily determine which music is popular and which is not. File sharing programs have even helped music labels to choose songs that will be released as a single. They also take the data they gather from file sharing programs and use it to persuade music TV and radio stations to play the songs that a large number of people are downloading.


Licensed Downloading Services Are Used

Another way in which the music industry is using file sharing to their advantage is by monitoring what people do with their music after they download it. This allows them to structure the best deals they can with companies that want to be licensed to allow people to download their songs.


Ads On File Sharing Websites

Some major music labels have had their promoters contact advertising agencies and have them place ads for the label’s new albums on file sharing websites. This is an area where music labels previously weren’t advertising new albums. They used this strategy a lot to promote new artists.


AudioGalaxy, a company the music industry had shut down in 2002 paid file sharing companies to sponsor search terms that fans would use to look for the music they wanted to download. The chairman of Artemis Records feels that allowing people to access certain songs for free can be beneficial because it may get people to buy the songs they were able to listen to for free.


File sharing has been tied to music sharing almost since the emergence of the Internet. Today it is easy for people to legally share music through sites such as iTunes. Companies like Sharefile also provide ways for people to share music using the file sharing method that so many people have come to rely on. Sharing music has never been easier as there are now many services that allow people to safely both obtain and share music online without breaking the law by doing so.

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